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BMA to Bring Bloomberg Television’s “C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett” to the BMA14 Stage

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jeffrey Hayzlett Profile Photo No stranger to BMA or the BMA annual conference stage, former national BMA chair and Kodak CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett will bring his inimitable style and presence to BMA14 from 2:30-2:15 pm on Wednesday, May 28.

Now a best-selling author and prime-time TV host for and contributing editor to Bloomberg Television, Jeff will conduct a stage version of his hit “C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett” TV show featuring a wide-ranging discussion of key marketing issues with top b2b CMOs from IHS, Mitel, Century Technology Solutions and HD Supply/White Cap.

While the session will be wide-ranging, with dozens of marketing topics to be covered, the “show” also will operate at breakneck speed with Jeff teasing out zippy, provocative answers from the four panelists. The session will make 18-minute TED talks look like Congressional filibusters.

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Tony Zambito, Creator of the Concept of “Buyer Personas,” to Speak at BMA14

Monday, April 7, 2014

Anthony Zambito Profile Photo Tony Zambito, the creator and today’s leading global authority on buyer personas and buyer insights research, will lead the first of three BMA14 pre-conference sessions from 8:00-8:45 am on Wednesday, May 28.

As a senior level marketing and customer-strategy executive earlier in his career, Tony was a developer and devotee of “user personas,” used in the physical design of products and services to maximize end customer experience.

In 2001, thinking that marketers could benefit similarly from “buyer personas,” he established the first-ever buyer persona development methodology designed specifically for b2b marketing and sales.

This innovation has helped leading companies gain a deeper understanding of their buyers resulting in improved business, marketing, content and sales strategies.

Since the early 2000s, Tony has conducted more than 1,000 buyer interviews and has helped leading Fortune 100 companies acquire deep buyer insights.  He is a prolific blogger, communicating on trends in changing buyer behaviors.

Before becoming a full-time buyer insights consultant, Tony was Chief Consulting Officer at Cooper, VP of Customer Strategy at TRW and VP of Marketing at Compaq.

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Jill Rowley, One of the World’s Top “Social Sellers,” to Present at BMA14

Monday, March 24, 2014

Gary Briggs Profile Photo Fresh off serving as social selling evangelist at Oracle, social selling pioneer and expert Jill Rowley will lead pre-conference session #2, from 9:00-9:45 am at BMA14 on Wednesday, May 28.

In a talk titled, “The ABCs of Social Selling,” she will educate b2b marketers on how to transform sales forces into powerful and influential social sellers online.

In sales her entire career and known as the “Eloqueen” at Eloqua prior to its acquisition by Oracle, Rowley abandoned cold-calling years ago, replacing it with early forms of social selling—tactics as simple as sending literature to “future customers.”

Today, with more than 9,000 LinkedIn connections, many thousands of Twitter followers and an enviable presence on virtually every other social media platform, Rowley creates connections and curates quality content at a hyper pace.

Cited in a March 19, 2014, article in Forbes as one the top 30 social salespeople in the world, Rowley will provide BMA14 attendees with the tools to bring social selling home in a big way!

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Facebook's First CMO to Deliver His First External Talk at BMA14

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gary Briggs Profile PhotoNew Facebook VP and CMO Gary Briggs, who took over marketing duties from Randi Zuckerberg (another BMA14 speaker), has chosen BMA14 for his first external keynote since joining Facebook in August 2013.

Formerly VP of Consumer Marketing at Google and, earlier, SVP and CMO at both eBay and PayPal, Gary will discuss "Facebook and the Move to Mobile" in his mid-afternoon keynote of Wednesday, May 28.

He also will address some of the myths and misperceptions and both facts and success stories about Facebook as a b2b marketing platform.

Between Google and Facebook, Gary served as CMO of and then Advisor to the CEO of Motorola Mobility, the owned by Google.

Gary has a strong entrepreneurial streak, having founded OurHouse.com in Chicago in the 1990s and later serving as CEO and Chairman of Plastic Jungle in the Bay area,. While at eBay, he also did a stint as General Manager of its Canadian operations.

He is a Brown University graduate, received his BMA from the Kellogg School and worked at McKinsey and at IBM and Pepsi-Cola in brand management roles earlier in his career.

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BMA14 On Track to Exceed 1,000 Attendees

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Growing 10-15% a year since 2008, BMA's annual global inference is likely to exceed 1,000 registered attendees in 2014 from as many as 420 companies, 40 states and 10 nations, acceding to conference organizer Gary Slack.

Last year's BLAZE conference attracted 863 b2b marketers from 380 companies and 35 states and eight nations.

As of mid-March, with still two and half months yo to, nearly 200 b2b marketers from 110 companies, 24 states and four nations already have registered, and registration is three weeks ahead of where it was this time last year.

To follow conference registration and see the companies signed up, refer to the "Attendees" button on the nav bar. Data is being updated weekly (and daily, starting in April).

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