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BMA Announces Details for Sending Audience Questions to the Main Stage at BMA14

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Barry Seidenstat Profile PhotoWhile not all BMA14 presenters will have time for audience questions, those that do have time at the end of their sessions to do so will rely on BMA14 event app Livecube and a curation team to feed questions to the wide screen behind the stage.

BMA14 event advisor Barry Seidenstat has prepared a short video below that explains how to use Livecube to ask questions from the audience from smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

All questions, even those for which there is no stage time to permit answers, will be collected and shared with all conference presenters, who will be asked by BMA to respond post BMA14. Their responses will be aggregated and shared back with all BMA14 attendees via the ISEBOX content repository tool.

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BMA Posts Demo Video Explaining How BMA14 Audience Polling System Will Work

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Barry Seidenstat Profile PhotoLivecube, the event technology service that BMA announced a few weeks ago it would be deploying at BMA14, will be the tool that selected BMA14 speakers and panel moderators use to solicit audience feedback on questions relevant to each session.

Instead of attendees being given a wireless response pad, as BMA did at BLAZE last year, BMA14 attendees will be able to access and respond to any audience questions posed by presenters via the Livecube system on their smartphones, tablets and/or laptops.

Please view this short demo video, narrated by Barry Seidenstat of ROI Communications Solutions and BMA’s conference technology advisor since 2009.

Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

Those presenters who choose to use the Livecube polling system will cue up multiple choice and true-false questions on the screen behind them and give audience members several seconds to respond, A while later, you will then see the cumulative audience responses displayed on backdrop screen in chart or table form.

Given the size of the expected BMA14 turnout—900+ b2b marjeters from 420+ companies and as many as 45 states and 13 nations—BMA believes the sample size will be sufficient for the information collected to be published afterwards as “new b2b marketing knowledge,” according to Gary Slack, BMA’s VP of Professional Development and BMA14 organizer.

All BMA14 attendees will receive a consolidated polling report within 2-3 weeks of the conference, and the full findings will be available around the same time at www.marketing.org.

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BMA Selects ISEBOX as BMA14’s Multimedia Content Repository Platform

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Barry Seidenstat Profile Photo Joe Witte Profile PhotoBMA has selected ISEBOX, a leading multimedia content distribution platform used by more and more conference producers, to provide BMA14 attendees with near-real-time access to all conference presentation assets, including session videos, decks, PDFs and photos.

“BMA is improving on past annual events when content assets would be made available to attendees weeks later,” said Barry Seidenstat, owner of ROI Communication Solutions and BMA’s event technology advisor since 2009. “By the next morning, attendees can go to a URL to view, download and share what they experienced just hours before.”

At BMA’s request, Seidenstat and ISEBOX VP of Sales and Marketing Joe Witte have created a demo video (see below) on how to use the ISEBOX platform while at BMA14.

Trouble viewing the video? Click here.

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BMA Selects Livecube, a Leading Event Technology Platform, to Power BMA14 Social Integration

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Barry Seidenstat Profile PhotoAaron Price Profile Photo BMA has selected a cutting-edge event technology platform known as Livecube to power social integration at BMA14.

Livecube is the Swiss Army Knife of event technology platforms,” said Barry Seidenstat, PMP, of ROI Communication Solutions and BMA’s event technology advisor for all annual global conferences dating back to 2009. “It will be great addition to BMA’s annual conference, permitting attendees to become more digitally and socially connected than ever.”

Not technically an app, the Livecube platform is an online service, accessible via a URL—http://www.bma.livecubeapp.com—that BMA14 attendees will be able to use on their smartphones, tablets or laptops to:

  • Access all BMA14 schedule info (speakers, sessions, times, etc.), courtesy of sponsor MasonZimbler, a Harte Hanks Company.
  • Answer polling questions from speakers (more in a later update), courtesy of sponsor FINANCIAL TIMES.
  • See and follow ALL of the conversations on Twitter
  • Share BMA14 photos with others
  • Send questions to speakers
  • Earn activity-based points towards BMA prizes and badges

With the help of Livecube founder Aaron Price, Seidentstat has created a short video for BMA14 attendees in which he and Price explain how to power up and tap into the various Livecube services.

Please watch this video to familiarize yourself with Livecube.

A future BMA14 update will explain the polling (e.g., audience response system) component of Livecube.

Another upcoming update, including a video, will&&l

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